Our service includes Sales, Marketing and PR. Such as :

  • Access to Tour Operators and Travel Agencies
  • Representation with personal visits at the Tour Operators and the Travel Agencies
  • Sales Calls to key-staff and sales training at Tour operators and Travel Agencies
  • Evening events for the Sales staff at the Tour Operators and agencies
  • Arrangement and organizing educational tours for the sales staff at the Tour Operators and the Travel Agencies
  • Represented on our web page as selected partner with links to your own web page
  • Opportunities to increase travel from the Nordic region to your country, destination and/or your hotel, resort and lodge
  • Marketing plan and follow up every third month or when requested
  • Representation at Trade Fairs in the Nordic region
  • Access to a dedicated and a hard-working representative who is monitoring the Travel Industry in the Nordic countries
  • Travel Trends – what’s up and what’s next? You will be prepared and updated and may adjust your services when needed